Feedback transparency levels

Define how and who can see the feedback based on the maturity of your organization

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Feedback is everywhere; Regardless of Happyforce, your employees talk to each other about aspects that motivate and worry them about your company. The difference is whether you are part of that conversation or not.

Happyforce enables an honest and transparent channel where your employees can express freely and as a result they enable you to participate in their opinions, ideas and concerns.

What is feedback in Happyforce?

In Happyforce we enable feedback in two ways:

  • With the Happiness Index, the Happyforce Scores and the questions that you or other admins and managers launch: One vote is an opinion, and as result it's also feedback.

  • With the comments: each day, freely, your employees can share a comment (only one) about what motivates, worries or have to celebrate.

What are the transparency levels?

In Happyforce, when we speak about transparency we commonly refer to the level of visibility that the comments have.

This level of visibility can be adjusted, in order to adapt it to the reality of your company or the degree of maturity.

The different levels can be:

Open feedback:

This is the target level of any organization that is committed to enable a real Feedback culture. It is the "standard" mode of Happyforce based on our experience. 

The way to an organization where people is the corner stone to their strategy,  goes through listening to their employees and where management focuses on the message and not on the messenger.

At this level, your employees leave feedback, and whenever they decide what is public, it is automatically visible to other employees.

  • The main benefit is that your employees feel they can express themselves without fear. The main challenge is to learn to listen. You have created a common place to leave ideas, relevant information, concerns, and above all: congratulations.

  • At this level, more conversations are generated between employees since they have the freedom to express themselves and interact with each other. As result you get more feedback.

  • Any administrator or manager invited to Happyforce, can respond, from our app, and the dashboard.

  • Participation in Happyforce is higher and therefore you receive more feedback.

Closed feedback:

At this level, your employees can leave comments as usual, but that comments are noti visible to the rest of your employees until you reply.

This level is adequate as long as you consider that your organization is not yet ready for open feedback, but you want to take a first step towards it. The main challenge at this level is to respond to your employees continuously so that they perceive Happyforce as the channel where they can express themselves and feel that you are listening.

  • Your employees can leave comments daily: congratulations, concerns and ideas.

  • The comments will be only visible to other employees if you, another manager or another administrator answers them, from our app or from the dashboard.

  • Participation may be lower. It is important that you reply to comments that you consider relevant continuously.

No Feedback:

At this level of maturity your employees cannot leave comments, and their opinions, ideas, congratulations and suggestions continue to occur in what we commonly call "around the coffee machine": They still happen, but you are not part of those conversations. This level is appropriate, if you just want to measure through questions, the Happiness Index question and the Scores.

  • Your employees talk, but you are not part of the conversation.

  • Our app, primarily becomes a unidirectional communication channel: that is, you can launch questions and announcements, and they will be visible in the app.

  • Participation is usually low, but in the standard of any climate survey.

  • Consequently, Happyforce will prioritize the "measurement" mode. The vote by mail becomes the primary channel to obtain the pulses (Happiness Index, Scores and questions that you launch).

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