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How does the Happyforce Microsoft Teams app look like?

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Once you have the Happyforce app installed on Teams and entered the code you received, the great moment begins where you can start participating.

Step 1

We are polite people and, first of all, we ask you if you have a few seconds to be able to answer the questions and leave a comment if you wish.

Step 2 - How do you feel?

The first thing you will encounter is the question we ask every day, which helps us understand how people are feeling through the 4 emotions..

Step 3 - Questions

Several situations can occur at this step:

  • Answer questions associated with the KPIs measured in Happyforce related to well-being and commitment.

  • Find questions that the organization has launched to gather information.

Up to this point, we could say that the first part of Happyforce has finished: collecting feelings and opinions from people to transform them into confidential data.

Step 4 - Listen

After collecting data, there is the option to listen and therefore, be able to leave feedback for the company. To do this, you have to click on the "I want to share" button, and the feedback options will appear.

Depending on the company's settings, you have different feedback options, which we could represent as a post-it note, where you can only use one per day.

Te explicamos cómo funcionan:

Here's how they work:


Here you can recognize a person in the organization, relate it to one of the values or behaviors, and leave a comment. The latter is mandatory to understand people's experiences.

Thanks or Ideas

The operation is the same. "Thanks" provides a space where you can share gratitude for something important that we have experienced and want to share. An "Idea" to be able to propose improvements.

Something Can Be Improved

You know that thing you've always thought wasn't working well but didn't know where to communicate it? This is the place. Use a non-violent communication technique. You have to propose a solution - no complaining without more. Always go in private ;) It's a safe space.

Step 5 - Communication

At the top, you have a loudspeaker. This space is where you can find the announcements or congratulations made by the company.

Of course, by entering one of them, you can see the announcement and the comments from the people who have left it associated with the announcement.

And that's the power of Happyforce in Teams. Now you know how you can contribute in 30 seconds.

We are waiting for you!

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