Implementing Happyforce in your company

A quick glance at how Happyforce works and what you need to set it up in your organization

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Happyforce works by combining two channels:

  • Mobile App: Where employees can share honest feedback in a transparent and anonymous way.  We achieve this thanks to a daily question sent to their devices, designed to take the pulse of their current mood but also triggering other more qualitative actions, like writing down their opinions and thoughts or show their reaction to their colleagues' feedback.

  • Control Panel: The side of the platform where management can monitor and analyze all the data and comments shared by the employees. This is you power central, where the active listening process takes place and shape.

Setting up Happyforce in 4 easy steps

  • Invite: Introduce the platform to your employees and invite them to register, vote and share feedback every day by simply using their phones.

  • Listen: Get to know their mood and how they feel during their work day, analyze their opinions, what concerns them and what boosts their motivation through an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard. 

  • Communicate:  Ask questions and make announcements. We offer you different and simple ways to start a direct conversation with your company's most valuable resource: the people. 

  • Act: Take action. Answer comments, listen to ideas and work together with different teams across your organization to keep the communication process flowing. 

What do you need to roll out Happyforce in your company? 

The process is really easy to follow and in just 5 minutes you can have the platform up and running. Here's what you need to do:

  • Designate a person or team who will be accountable for managing the control panel 

  • Define your launch date

  • Have a very clear idea of your company's structure so you can filter data properly and improve visibility 

  • Prepare a list of email employees so they can receive invitations and access codes to use the App. In case your employees don't have a corporate email address please contact us as we have several options available for these cases. 

Can your company manage Happyforce directly?

Yes, 😀  Happyforce is really easy to use and you, your HR or Internal Communication staff can take full control of the dashboard and define all actions without mandatory support from our side. However, you are not alone 😉 our Customer Happiness advisors will be there if you need any help during the process.

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