Understanding Happyforce

What is Happyforce and its advantages, and why you will love using it every day 😉

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Happyforce is an employee engagement platform that lets you talk with your company giving feedback anonymously and in real time.

What is the purpose of Happyforce?

  • Let the company know how you feel

  • Identify needs and potential conflicts

  • Create an open dialogue between the company and the employees

How can Happyforce help you?

Happyforce gives a voice to people in the organizations (yes, that means you 😀 ) You can share what you like about your job, what concerns you or those points about the company that you think could be improved.

What can you do with Happyforce?

  • Vote your mood everyday

  • Share a daily comment 

  • Agree or disagree with feedback from your colleagues

  • Have a look at your team's Happiness Index and comments in real time

What you can't do Happyforce

  • Know who participates or writes any comments

  • Change your vote or comment once it’s been sent

  • Vote or comment more than once each day

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