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The Happyforce agreement
The Happyforce agreement

This is what we both agree before you start using Happyforce

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We take care of your anonymity, and you help to create the best work environment at your place. That's the deal.

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

That means you have to do good use of the power the anonymity and transparency of Happyforce give you. 

The agreement

To put things straight, at the moment you activate your account we both agree to this simple points: 

  1. We take care of your anonymity (and very seriously), keeping your identity in secret and never revealing who's writing the comments

  2. You share feedback with kindness and respect

If you feel you cannot be up to your part of the deal, please don't participate. If more than two of your comments are flagged as inappropriate we reserve the right of canceling your account, always respecting your anonymity.

Bear in mind, though, that we can't keep your anonymity if you share something that goes against the fundamental human rights or the law.

¿What does it mean "sharing with kindness and respect"?

  1. Be respectful at all times: there’s nothing that bad that you can’t say it without showing consideration 😀

  2. Don't share personal information and refrain from verbal attacks, bullying your colleagues or trolling their comments by making a wrong use of the ‘agree’/’disagree’ buttons

  3. Any data you may find in Happyforce should be treated as confidencial information and should't be shared outside the organisation boundaries.

  4. We encourage you to express yourself freely, but that doesn’t mean to use rude or inappropriate words

  5. Make sure you don’t offend or insult the nationality, religion, physical condition, politic views or cultural background of other people in your organisation

  6. If you feel attacked on the platform, avoid answering. This way you are bringing the conflict to an end. Instead, we suggest you mark the comment as inappropriate as this will activate Happyforce’s moderation system

  7. All capitals in a comment look like shouting 😉  Keep your ‘voice’ as you would when having a normal, polite chat with your colleagues

  8. If you’re upset about something that happened during your workday, try to calm down before writing your comment and take a few minutes to think about how to explain what’s making you uncomfortable. The more clear you are, the better will people understand the situation and help you find a solution

  9. Be specific with your comments. If you want to point out a situation that you think needs to be improved, refer to it precisely and stay away from indirect hints. Also, if you have any ideas on how to solve the issue, this is the place to share those thoughts!  

  10. Avoid pointing at work colleagues by using their names in the platform. If you have a personal situation that needs to be addressed with a specific person, please use the channels established by your organisation for these purposes. If you don’t know these channels, ask Happyforce, and we’ll lead you in the right direction  

Writing positive or negative comments is easy. The real challenge is to write effective ones: explaining yourself, giving context and offering solutions.

In case of accepting the agreement and not respecting it, Happyforce reserves the right to block the account based on the comments made. We will always respect the anonymity and confidentiality, and that is why we are convinced that you will respect the agreement.

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