Voting through email

It allows to obtain direct feedback from employees who do not use the mobile app.

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As a tool to reach more employees we offer the possibility of receiving feedback to the questions that are created within the organization through a simple email. This email will reach employees who have not interacted with the application in the last month, this affects both activated and non-activated employees. 

In the email a single question will be shown. The system will be responsible for priorice witch questions will be shown in this order:

  1. Questions generated

  2. Scores questions

  3. Happyforce emojis (How are you feeling today?)

Once the employee clicks on the answer, a browser window will be open showing the rest of the pending questions. All this controlling the amount of questions that will be shown to the employee, with the intention of not saturating the employee. 

Once all the questions have been answered, the employee can download the mobile application where he can enjoy a full Happyforce experience. 

What have we observed? 

With the data that we have we have observed that using the client by mail we have managed to make up to 22% of the employees who receive these emails end up installing the app, participating more constantly in it. 

How does it work? 

An employee who has not used Happyforce for more than a month receives an email inviting him to participate with a first question that he can vote from the email itself. Depending on the question received you will see one format or another, so you can click on the possible answers. Clicking on the link with the answer will take you to the application that will request the remaining questions to be answered. Once answered, we thank you for your participation and invite you to use the app to enjoy a full Happyforce experience.

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