Define your Daily Question and Answers

Create your daily question and answers to improve your active listening and get more information from your employees

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First thing you need to set up is your Happiness Index Question, which is the question that your employees will answer on a daily basis. The answers to this question are the source for your Happiness Index, a metric that will allow you to know the level of engagement and commitment of your teams, and how it behaves through time. 

You’ll have a default Happiness Index Question in your profile with four answer options we know work well for most organizations, but we understand you may want to change it for another one that defines your company. You can do this in the Settings section. 

Get inspired: Here are some examples of tried and tested sets of questions and answers: 

How happy are you today?




Pretty bad

Other ideas:

Today I feel…





How was your day?

Very good



Very bad

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