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What are the followup questions?
What are the followup questions?

Getting more feedback from employees that reflect a worse mood

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In order to help you and your employees, Happyforce proactively asks a question to those employees who over time reflect a worse mood.

How does Happyforce determine to which employees ask the question?

Each day your employees participate in Happyforce expressing how they feel through the daily question (How do you feel today?). Based on their votes, Happyforce classifies them into several categories that can be viewed in the "Employee Classification" section.

When do you throw the question?

When an employee has been classified as "unhappy" for more than a month, Happyforce automatically asks non-intrusively for more details.

We achieve this by launching a special open question with the title "Hey! We would love to know what would help you feel better?" but mainly explaining to the employee who receives it, that this question has been launched by Happyforce and not by one of the administrators or managers.

The question is open-ended, with the objective that the employee who receives it can write in detail what makes him or feel feel this way.

Additionally, the employee can skip the question, so Happyforce will not ask him or her again for 7 days, as long as he remains classified as "not happy" or does not answer.

Where can I see the answers to this question?

From the Employee Classification section, you can access all the gathered answers.

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