What are Recurring Questions?

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Recurring Questions allow you to ask the same question to your employees on a regular basis: weekly, monthly or yearly. 

You can use them to monitor a specific project or improvement plan. They are also helpful to evaluate the different dimensions of the company, such as leadership, communication, development, etc.

To launch these kind of questions, select the option "Recurring Questions" that you will find in the menu on the left and click on "+ NEW QUESTION"

Next, choose whether you want to launch an open or closed question and click on "CREATE QUESTION" 

On this section you write the question you want to ask, choose its periodicity, when do you want it to start and for how long do you want it to last. Once this is set, click "NEXT"

If you want to ask a closed question instead of an open one, make sure you write the different available answers.

Now, you have to choose the departments and / or segments where you want to launch the question

Finally, check that everything is correct and click on "LAUNCH QUESTION"

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