How Benchmarks & Ranking works

Numbers have sense when you can compare them

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Numbers are quite interesting when you can compare them with something.

For that reason in Happyforce we offer you an easy way of do it through our Rankings and Comparative feature.

What is the ranking?

Each months Happyforce calculate which are the different values of the indicators (HI and Scores) from all companies using the platform.

Once the data is crunched, we calculate a raking that you can use as a quick reference of how your organization or area compares agains the others.

How the ranking is assigned?

By comparing your result with the other companies results, we can calculate in witch percentile you are. With this data, we assign you one of the following valuations:

If you see this valuation, you are on the Olympus of the best 10% companies. Is the maximum valuation you can get in Happyforce..

The work you are doing is excellent, since you are between the 20% best.

You are doing a good job, since you are between the 30% best companies.

You are not yet between the best, but you are on track, since you are between the best 40%.

You have room for improvement, since you are between the 50% best.

You have work to do, since you are between the 75%.

Finally when you see this valuation, there are two possible causes: you are below the best 75% or we are not able to valuate you yet. (You will see this on the description beside the valuation).

What is the benchmark?

Together with the Ranking we offer you another way of compare your results as simple as visualize how is your indicator compared with the average of the industry where your company belongs and the average of the overall companies on Happyforce:

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