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Give an official response to the most relevant comments by using Announcements
Give an official response to the most relevant comments by using Announcements

Discover the most effective way to send a global answer to your employees

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Why answer through Announcements?

There will be times when you'll find comments from your employees that require a direct answer from your side.

In these cases, the best way to respond is using the answer through Announcements feature, which offers you a very clear list of advantages: 

  • You can refer to a specific comment or highlight a topic that you consider important

  • It gets the attention of all your employees in one go

  • You offer an answer in the same channel where you got the feedback, so there's a clear connection between messages 

  • Most important: you have the chance to make employees feel that you listen to them and that it's important to you to give them an answer. People love feeling valued 💛

The procedure of this feature is very similar to the one you follow to create an Announcement, but the path is a little different 😉  Here's what you need to do: 

Reply to a comment

When you find a comment to which you want to give an answer, just click on the "Reply" button:

when you do this, you'll activate the process to create your Announcement as usual, the only difference is that it will be displayed as a reply, below the comment you are answering to.

Once your answer is published, people will receive a notification indicating that you replied to a comment. Don't forget! If you want to send notifications, make sure you mark this option when you're creating your announcement ☑️  This will boost your answer's visibility. 

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