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The key to a great answer is asking the right question 😀 Here's a list of tips to achieve this.

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The Questions section on your Happyforce control panel enables you to gather specific feedback about relevant topics in your organization. Have a look at our list of suggestions to make the most out of this feature and always get the best answers from your employees: 

  • Make sure your question is always simple and clear. It's important that people understand your query effortlessly. 

  • Also, multiple-choice and scale questions allow employees to share their opinions freely, so at the end, you will obtain more significant information to analyze. 

  • If you choose to ask a multiple-choice question, remember that your answers should also be short and clear. Make it easy for employees to share their thoughts 😉

  • If you want to keep track of an action during different moments in a period of time, we recommend that you program a recurring question, as it will show you a clear picture of how answers evolve. 

  • Defining the best moment to ask is also important 😀  Send your questions on Mondays or Tuesdays so people have the whole week to answer. If you send them too close to the weekend there's a chance that employees will miss it or just ignore it. 

  • Keep your question active for at least seven days so employees have enough time to answer, and also to react to votes and comments shared by their colleagues. 

  • If you want to send a more elaborate question that requires explanations or images, the best thing to do is to publish an announcement at the same time, containing all the information. This way the question stays as simple as possible and all the extra info is shared in a different place. 

  • In cases where you have to ask questions to different areas of your hierarchy, there's no need to create one query for each department. Send it to all areas involved and when you get the results, just use the filters to see answers from each one. 

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