Before launching Happyforce

Here are some technical tips before launching the tool

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Although the main channels to participate in Happyforce are the Apps, and our bot for Slack & Teams, the first point of contact with employees, users and managers, is email.

That's why we give you the following tips to ensure that emails reach all recipients correctly:

  • At Happyforce, we send our emails from two addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]
    Also we send from others (such as conversations-*, so it's a good idea to check your mail server rules to allow our emails to go through based on domain ( instead of individual addresses.

  • On a regular basis, we do mass mailings such as:

    • Monthly reports.

    • New announcements and questions to employees who have not participated for a long time from the app or bot.

    • Surveys programmed to be sent only by mail.

    • Invitations: when an initial load of users is made.

That is why it is also important to make sure that among the rules, it is taken into account that occasionally mass mailings can be received, and the server does not block these mailings.

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