Manage your Employee Groups

Learn how to create and adjust groups of people to fit your company needs

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Employee Groups are an advanced feature of Happyforce that helps you manage your organization's Employee Life Cycle, among other things. Let us show you how. 

Creating a group
To create a group, go to your dashboard's settings tab and press the 'new group' button: 

After creating it, define what happens inside the group:

  • Limited access to vote the Happiness Question. This way you can establish that some people from your organization don't participate in the daily pulse, for example, employees on absence leave. 

  • Participate in group questions only. Employees will only answer questions sent specifically to them, not to other groups. 

You can also establish when an employee leaves the group:

  • After a determined number of days. That start counting right after the moment an employee is assigned to a group. 

  • Once an employee answer all the group questions. 

And finally, you can program what happens after an employee leaves the group: 

  • The employee es removed from the group

  • The employee is removed from Happyforce

As you can see, these customizing options enable you to cover a vast number of situations, like onboarding and exit surveys, temporary leaves, seasonality, etc. 

Assigning employees to a group

To add people to a group, simply go to your employees' list and mark the names of the people you want to assign.

Then, click on the "Add to group" button and select the group you want these people to join. 

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