How do surveys work?

Here we will show you how the Happyforce surveys work

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Beside the Happiness Index and the Scores, with Happyforce Surveys you can go into detail about different aspects of your organization's culture, obtaining more relevant information to improve and work on those points that could mean great benefits for your company.

📥 What can you do with the surveys?

Happyforce allows you to choose from our survey catalog to measure the most relevant aspects of your company's culture.

The survey section also allows you to create your own surveys from scratch, giving you full flexibility to create your own questions, select the participants of the survey as well as the duration of it.

These are the types of questions you can make:

  1. Multiple Choice: Give your employees a list of answers that they can choose from, so it’s easier for you to compare results

  2. Scale questions: Your employees will be able to choose a number between 1 and a maximum of 10 to express their opinion about what you ask.

  3. Open-ended questions: Your employees will be able to write a text, expressing their opinion about what you ask them.

📈 Analytics

Whether you choose to use one of our predefined surveys or create your own survey, the survey section automatically analyzes and processes employee data in real-time.

This analyzed data will be segmented demographically, by your teams and areas always preserving employee anonymity. Our analytics help you understand, analyze, and interpret the needs of your employees so that you can define your ideal action plan.

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