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How to create your first survey from scratch
How to create your first survey from scratch
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Before you launch

Check out our guide before launching your survey.

Launching your first survey from scratch

To start setting up your first survey, navigate to the Dashboard and click on Surveys from the left sidebar. From there, click the "Create survey" button on the top right. This will bring you to our already pre-defined survey library. To create your own survey click "Create custom Survey"

Once you click "Create custom Survey" follow these steps:

1. Define a Title for your survey and Description of your survey

  • Example from the video we choose the "Onboarding survey."

2. Add a block and block description: Blocks allow to group survey questions that belong to the same topic, allowing you to generate a score and helping your employees to understand the context of the questions.

  • Example from the video: Questions regarding Manager Onboarding

3. Select the types of questions you want to include in the blocks: Within the block you can select different types of questions

  • Multiple Choice: Give your employees a list of answers that they can choose from, so it’s easier for you to compare results

  • Scale questions: Your employees will be able to choose a number between 1 and a maximum of 10 to express their opinion about what you ask.

  • Open-ended questions: Your employees will be able to write a text, expressing their opinion about what you ask them.

Once you have chosen this, Configure the questions, the audience (who you would like to receive this survey and the time period for the questions)

4. To add questions to the same block, or create a different block, Repeat steps above.

5. If you are ready to launch your survey: click "Launch Survey" follow the next 4 steps:

  • Title of survey round

  • When we are sending it

  • To who

And you are ready to go!

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