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Get constructive feedback through private conversations
Get constructive feedback through private conversations

What to do when you receive a private "Something can be improved..." comment

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Employees and users of the app now can send private complaints or feedback messages. In this case, these messages are addressed only to the managers with access to the Happyforce dashboard. 

It is essential to answer this comments as it will have a positive impact in many aspects:

  • Increase the engagement of the employees and the feeling that "someone is listening" to them

  • Turn negative feedback into constructive feedback

  • Involve employees in finding solutions to the situations they identify

What happens when a user sends a private comment?

We will send an email notification to the appropriate manager with access to the Happyforce dashboard.

The conversation between the manager and the employee will be private and anonymous:

  • Private means it will be only visible to that employee

  • Anonymous means that we will not reveal the employee identity

How do I answer to that comment?

a) You can reply directly to the email

b) Answer directly from the comments timeline on the dashboard:

c) Use the "Conversations" feature in the dashboard to answer from there:

How do users participate in the conversation?

Users can anonymously talk with you using the "Conversations" button:

There they will have access to all the private conversations the company has answered and where they can send further comments:

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