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Differences between an Administrator and a Manager in the Dashboard and in the App

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In Happyforce we have the vision that Happyforce is not an exclusive Human Resources tool, and therefore, we look for a formula to empower Managers through Happyforce making the Human Resources an strategic department that supports, encourages and enhances the role of the leaders of an organization and its teams.

What is the difference between these roles?

As an example, suppose that we have the following structure in our organization:


In this organization, the admins will have:

  • Access to setup all the aspects of the account.

  • Invite and remove employees.

  • Setup profile questions & modify the company structure.

  • Invite admins and managers.

In addition to this, the Administrators can monitor the data (votes, comments, interactions ..) of all employees who give feedback to the organization, including the data of each of the departments that have been created in the structure .

Also administrators through the control panel can send questions and announcements to the entire organization and within the app, they can also reply to any comments without restrictions.


Managers in Happyforce only have access to the departments that are allowed by an administrator.

In our example, suppose I am the Manager of Madrid. From the control panel I would have access to all the data that is being registered in my department. Also I would be only able to reply to comments within the app from my teams.

I would not have access to the data in the rest of the areas, and I could only create questions and announcements for departments.

This is the way we have in Happyforce so that Managers can obtain very valuable information to manage their teams.

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