What's an Announcement?

Meet the easiest way to reach your employees directly

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Happyforce allows you to communicate with employees and share relevant messages with them in a fast and direct way, making sure they receive the right information on time and without barriers. 

This is a key feature, as it enables a full communication process in which Happyforce is not only a channel where people can comment and express themselves but also a place where the company has resources to answer. The result is a strong and simple one: everyone wins! 😉

Thanks to this set of features, employees, and organizations have the opportunity to talk and listen, just like it would happen in a normal conversation between a group of people. And we know for a fact that this constant exchange of information can significantly improve not just communication but many other aspects of any company, regardless the sector. You can be a retailer, a hotel or an industrial facility, active listening always works. 

What I can communicate with Announcements?

Announcements are the voice of your company

Announcements is a powerful feature that creates a direct channel with your employees, and it's also the easiest way to give constant feedback and share highlights about what's important to people (which you can monitor thanks to the "agree" and "disagree" actions). However, you can use it to communicate whatever you want:

  • You can announce any relevant news about the company

  • Give positive feedback to an employee or a team that have excelled in their performance

  • Send motivational messages

If you want people to know about it, Announcements is your key 😀

Announcement types:

Happyforce has two type of announcements:

  • Normal one, which allows to publish content your employees.

  • In reply to feedback: you can reply to a comment by simply creating an announcement from the Dashboard. By doing this, you will reach all the employees with an official reply to that comment.

Creating an Announcement

From the announcements section in the dashboard, you will find an editor that will allow you to:

  • Format the content of the announcements, just in the same way you can do it with a standard text processor (bold, italic, add images and links, videos, etc.)

  • Add attachments, like internal documents or schedules, etc..

  • Target your announcement to different segments of your company (by area, profile, employee groups, etc.).

Also, there are two other important options in regards to announcements:

  • Dates:  Define, since when an announcement will be visible, and until when the employees will see that announcement when they log in on the app. Once an announcement expires, employees will be able to see it from the "past announcements" section on the app

  • Pinned announcement:  flag an announcement as "important". It will be visible at the top of the announcements list on the employee app, with a mark showing that is relevant.

Also is important to mention that like any other feature in Happyforce, the system will send a push notification to the employees when an announcement get's published. Also, we will send an email to all the employees that have not yet activated their account or that have not log in since more than 30 days in order to boost activation and participation.

More about announcements:

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