If you have the role of Administrator or Manager of Happyforce, from the app, in addition to being able to participate on a regular basis like other users, you also have super powers depending on your account settings.

The objective is to be able to analyze all the data that affects the good functioning of your organization or areas and to be able to interact with your employees in an agile and simple way, just as you can do in the control panel.

The powers of the Manager and Admin in the app

First, the first power is the one that enables this button that appears next to each comment in the app:

By click in, you can:

  1. Initiate a private and anonymous chat with the author of the comment allowing you to obtain more information or to be able to help the author.

  2. Give a quick answer to the comment from a list of predefined answers.

  3. Give a personalised answer to the comment.

The second option is the one you will see when commenting or answering a comment.

Now you can sign your comments. You choose when you want them to be anonymous, or when they should be signed with your name and photo, in order to give a public response, recognize an employee, etc. It's your choice!

Finally, your third power is the private wall:

On the private wall, you will find all the comments posted as private by your employees, so you can see or answer them.

Differences between Managers and Admins in the app

As in the Dashboard as Manager, you can only act on the employees that belong to your areas.

That's why, as Manager:

  • You will only see the action icon on the comments of employees who belong to your management areas in Happyforce.

  • You will only see private comments from employees who belong to your management areas in Happyforce.

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