At Happyforce, employee engagement is measured in three different ways, which all complement each other.

The Happiness Index

The Happiness Index (HI) is your daily company thermometer, this metric provides you with constant real-time information on how employees feel every day at work.

The Scores

The Scores measure all the key aspects to understand and improve your Employee Engagement and the culture in your organization so that you can drive improvements over time. These indicators are measured in a recurring and automatic manner. The continuity of the scores overcome the temporary barrier that climate surveys offer when carried out only annually, biennially, or semi-annually. Continuity = real data, real picture of what is happening in your organization.


The survey functionality complements the Happyforce Scores and the Happiness Index, as it allows you to go dig deeper into other key aspects that arise in these other measurements. Surveys allow you to:

  1. Understand how employees experience a specific moment in the organization: such as COVID-19, adapting to remote working...
  2. Diving deeper into topics that you already measure in Happyforce through the Happiness Index or the Scores: such as Stress, leadership, Autonomy ...
  3. Measuring employee experience: Understand the detail by asking your employees about their onboarding in the organization, training, departure time ...

To help with this, you can choose from our catalog of pre-made surveys that have been backed up by literature from experts, and studies on employee engagement.

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