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Is Happyforce really anonymous?
Is Happyforce really anonymous?

Yes 😀 And in this article we'll explain the details, so you can participate without any concerns.

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We take your anonymity very seriously so you can be completely honest both for criticizing and praising. We keep your participation anonymous from different perspectives: 


  • You’re protected legally by the Terms of Service your company has signed to use Happyforce

  • Although we've never seen something like this, keep in mind that we cannot guarantee your anonymity if you share something that is against the Law, that includes people's honor and personal data protection  


  • We only need your corporate email account to send you a random activation code and verify you’re an active employee

  • Once you complete your activation, the code is reused to activate a different employee

  • Your company defines the segmentation structure (departments, teams, etc); but we only provide aggregated data for segments with more than 8 employees


  • All raw data is stored securely in Happyforce servers

  • Corporate emails are disconnected from feedback and comments

  • For an extra level of confidentiality, you can install Happyforce in your personal smartphone

Last but not least: If your company is brave enough to give you access to Happyforce, that means that they’re more interested in improving the communication and culture rather than asking for “who said what”. You’re very lucky to work here!!

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