Discover a new way to share feedback with your organization: send your answers!

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Besides being a tool that allows you to share your mood each day, Happyforce also offers your company the possibility of asking you questions through the App.
The goal is that the organization has a direct way to know your opinion about subjects that are relevant for both.

Management could ask you questions to gather information about a specific topic, or they could create a recurring questions to know your opinion about the same item in different moments.

In both cases, questions could be:

  1. Open: Where you will find a text box to write down your answer.

  2. Multiple choice: With a fixed set of answers for you to choose the one that adjusts better to what you think. In some cases, you will be able to develop your answer thanks to a text box. 

Also, once your answer is sent, you can have a look at the results by clicking on the 'Questions' button located on the bottom bar, where you will find all the queries sent by the organization. 

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