Activate your Happyforce account

Follow these easy steps to join the platform

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In order to participate in Happyforce you need to install the app and receive and invitation with your activation code.

1. Download the app

You'll get the best experience using the Happyforce app, you can download it for your favourite smartphone here:

What if I don't want to install an app?

First of all we've made a very light app that takes almost no memory and uses only a few data from your smartphone.
Nevertheless we also have an emergency web app that you can use from any modern web browser, access it here:

2. Use your activation code in the app

Your company or organisation has to invite you to participate in Happyforce. The most common way is to receive an email (either to your company email or personal email) with the download link for the app and the activation code.

This activation code allows Happyforce to validate that you belong to a certain organization in Happyforce.

Happyforce assures that this activation code is unique along all employees in Happyforce until you use it. Once you enter the code in the app, the code can’t be used anymore and is completely detached from you, in order to guarantee the anonymity

If you don't have the invitation with the email ask the HR team or your manager.


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