What are Area Rules?

Area Rules can help you optimise your employees' participation

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Area Rules allow you to separate the comments of a department from the rest, that is to say, comments will only be seen by employees of the same department. 

You can create a Area Rule for a single department or have all departments of the company have their own silo. 

When should I create an Area Rule?

Creating an Area Rule or several always depends on the company, and it's one of the options you can manage when setting your profile. 

There are several situations where Area Rules can be very useful.

For example, in the case where there is a department with specific problems or where it is suspected that employees are not going to make very positive comments, if you keep their comments away for a while you will be able to prevent the bad mood from spreading

Area Rules can be a good resource for companies that have a large number of employees and big departments, because it helps employees to focus on input from their  own department, and not get lost.

How can I create an Area Rule? 

Go to the "Settings" section that you will find in the left menu of your dashboard. Once there, in the "Area Rules " area click on "+ NEW AREA RULE"

Next, a menu will appear in which you will have to name the of the Area rule (you can write the name of the department where you are going to create it). Then you will have to choose the department and click on "ADD LEVEL"

An remember you can create a single Area Rule or one for each department, it all depends on what your company needs 😀

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