How can I invite my employees?

We help you to invite and manage all your employees easily from our dashboard

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You can invite your employees individually or in groups through a file.

1. How to invite an employee?

To invite a single employee, go to the section "Manage" (choose the first option "Employees") and click on "Invite more employee":

Now, a box will appear. Write the employee's email you want to invite (you can assign it to a group if you have one) and click on "Send invitation email!"

2. How to invite a group of employees through a file?

If you want to invite a large group of employees you do not have to do it one by one, you can invite them all at once. Click on the option "Manage employees from a file"

In the following chart you will see the following:

Click on the option "I would like to invite some employees" and select the file with all the email addresses of the employees you want to invite. We also give you the option to download the file and fill it out. Remember that the file must always be .xlsx and it must contain only one email per line. Once you have it ready, upload it here:

The list will appear in case you want to verify it again and when you give "Next" the invitation codes will be sent:

And ready, you have it! Any questions contact us by Happyforce chat or write directly to [email protected] 

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