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What kind of comments will I get?
What kind of comments will I get?

A general list of common subjects brought up by employees using the platform

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Happyforce is a real time tool so your employees will be very spontaneous, and you will get different types of comments: 

Positive comments:

  • Positive feedback on specific aspects of the company that are appreciated by your employees: incentives, inspiring managers, organization values, etc. 

  • Peer recognition 

  • Engagement/motivation comments 

Things to be improved: 

  • Specific aspects of the company that generate concern: salaries, managers' performance, relationship with team mates, etc.

  • Operational issues: parking, cleaning, air conditioning/heat, cafeteria food, etc. 

Neutral comments:

This feedback doesn't give us actionable data to work with but it usually adds a little fun to the atmosphere (jokes, "It's Friday!", birthday messages, etc) 

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