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Do I need segmentation questions?
Do I need segmentation questions?

A short food-for-thought article to decide if you need to find out more about specific groups of employees

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You need a segmentation question if it’s important for you to take the pulse of a certain demographic in your company. 

This means that years of service, age, gender, type of contract or office location can affect the way a person lives in a company, and these trends could have an impact on what they need from the organization: training and feedback, conciliation measures, etc. 

As a company, maybe you want to know more about these demographics so you can act and create a better environment for them. 

Some examples of groups interesting to follow up: 

  • People with more than 10 years working for the company services Vs. New employees

  • Women Vs. Men

  • Temporary employees Vs. Permanent employees

  • People from other locations Vs. Headquarters

Just two simple recommendations on this:

  • Set demographic questions only if they’re going to add real value to the organization

  • Try to be as general as possible. Adding too many segmentation questions can affect the sense of anonymity 

What types of segmentation questions supports Happyforce?

When you create a segment, you can select between date type, list type or yes/no type.

Also you can define to keep this question private or public:

  • Public: when the employees log in on the app, they will have to answer to which segment they belong.

  • Private: when you invite an employee you will be able to chose to which segment they belong, and Happyforce will not ask to the employee.

Happyforce default segments:

For all new companies joining to Happyforce starting on January 2020, Happyforce creates three default private segmentation questions in order to offer you a unified benchmarking across all companies in Happyforce or your industry.

  • Age

  • Seniority

  • Gender

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