How to Deactivate Employees
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Hi there!

Welcome to our mini Happyforce How-to series where you will now learn how to deactivate employees on the Happyforce platform.

First of all, to deactivate employees, you must go to the "Manage> Employees" section. In this section is where you can every action related to employees.

How to deactivate a employee

  1. Type the employee's email you are looking for in the search bar

  2. Tick the box corresponding to the employee you are looking for

  3. Click the Red trash icon

How to deactivate several employees

  1. Go to the top right section and click on the button "Manage employees with files"

  2. Select the option "I want to eliminate some employees"

  3. Download the template to incorporate the employees you want to eliminate

  4. In this template, you only have to introduce the emails of employees you want to deactivate

  5. Once you have ready the file, load it in the system to deactivate employees

And there you go, deactivated!

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