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All you need to know about our bot for Slack and Microsoft Teams works

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What is Hero?

Hero is Happyforce's virtual assistant for Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Hero will allow members of your organization to participate in Happyforce directly from their work channel, without having to install any extra applications.

Hero in Slack

Hero in Microsoft Teams

How does Hero work?

Once installed within Slack or Microsoft Teams, Hero will automatically connect with the users who are registered in Happyforce, giving the users instructions on how to interact with it.

From that moment on, Hero will periodically send users any workplace questions configured in Happyforce.

Hero is updated every 24 hours, so new users on a Happyforce are up to date.

How does Hero interact with my employees?

Hero will periodically contact employees to inform them that they have workplace questions to answer.

Hero in Slack

By default, Hero will send the reminder from Monday to Friday at 9 AM, but each user can configure it to their preferences and even deactivate the reminders.

If the user has mandatory questions to answer, Hero will give them the option to answer now or answer later. The best part about answering is, employees can do it directly via Slack or Teams.

If an employee has pending questions, the employee can always decline the request or start answering the questions directly on the communication platform.

Once answering the questions is complete, the user is also able to post a feedback comment.

However, to view all other colleagues comments, employees will have to consult the Happyforce app.

What extra options does Hero have to offer?

Hero allows you to configure the day and / or time in which reminders are sent to users to answer the workplace questions.

Thus, the user can choose from completely deactivating the reminders until Hero contacts him every day of the week.

Hero in Slack

By default, Hero sends reminders to users from Monday to Friday at 9 a.m.

How can I install it?

To add Hero to your Slack or Ms Teams workspace, simply click on the button:

I have users registered in Happyforce but Hero tells me that it cannot find them

Don’t worry! There’s an easy fix. It might be that the user's email used in Microsoft Teams or Slack does not match the one in Happyforce.

If so, modify the user's email in the Happyforce dashboard so that Hero can contact him/her.

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