You can invite your employees individually or in groups through a file.

1. How to invite an employee?

To invite a single employee, click on "Settings" section (the last option in the menu on the left), click on the people icon, then a menu will be displayed, click on "invite an employee"

Now, you see a box. Enter the name of the employee you want to invite and click on "Send invitation!"

2. How to invite a group of employees through a file?

If you want to invite a large group of employees you don't need to do it one by one, you can invite them all at once. Click on the people icon and when the menu is displayed, click on the "Process employee file"

In the next box that will appear, click on the "invite" option and select the file with all the email addresses of the employees you want to invite. Remember that the file must be .txt and that it should contain only one email per line.

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