Announcements is a powerful feature that creates a direct channel with your employees, and it's also the easiest way to give constant feedback and share highlights about what's important to people (which you can monitor thanks to the "agree" and "disagree" actions). However, you can use it to communicate whatever you want:

  • You can announce any relevant news about the company
  • Give positive feedback to an employee or a team that have excelled in their performance
  • Send motivational messages

If you want people to know about it, Announcements is your key 😀

When should I send announcements?

We encourage you to share Happyforce results and give feedback about relevant topics frequently, ideally every one or two weeks tops, although the most important thing is to be consistent and keep your "I'm listening" promise. People only know this is true if you communicate back 😀

This is why we also advice to make an Announcement every time you see that your employees have any concern or need. Do not wait, address them and let them know that you care.

The golden rule here is: Make an Announcement anytime you need! 

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