You need a segmentation question if it’s important for you to take the pulse of a certain demographic in your company. 

This means that years of service, age, gender, type of contract or office location can affect the way a person lives in a company, and these trends could have an impact on what they need from the organization: training and feedback, conciliation measures, etc. As a company, maybe you want to know more about these demographics so you can act and create a better environment for them. 

Some examples of groups interesting to follow up: 

  • People with more than 10 years working for the company services Vs. New employees
  • Women Vs. Men
  • Temporary employees Vs. Permanent employees
  • People from other locations Vs. Headquarters

Just two simple recommendations on this:

  • Set demographic questions only if they’re going to add real value to the organization
  • Try to be as general as possible. Adding too many segmentation questions can affect the sense of anonymity 

To create your segmentation questions, go to the Settings section, look at the General tab, and press the "New Question" button you'll see on the right side.

Then, write down your question, a short word or phrase to describe its content and choose between answering it with yes/no or with multiple choice. If this is the case, fill in the blanks for each possible answer.  When you're done, press "Add" so your question is saved to the platform. 

You should be able to see all your saved questions in the dashboard. If you need to add more than one, just press the "New Question" button again. 

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