Happyforce is where your employees are; for some of them, this place it is their mobile phone, and for others it is the communication channel where they spend most of their day.

That is why, along with our app and email, our integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams, makes it easier than ever to collect real-time information from your employees, all through our bot called Hero.

How it works?

When you add Hero to a workspace either in MS Teams or Slack, we will ask for feedback to the employees on regular basis. This applies on the scores, the daily question any other recurring question or when there is a relevant content for the employees.

In addition, employees will be able to leave comments and recognitions directly from Slack or Teams.

How can I use Hero?

1. Add Hero to Slack o MS Teams

To add Hero to your Slack or Ms Teams workspace, simply click on the button:

What if I'm not a Slack or Teams admin?

You may need approval from your company's Slack or Teams admin in order to add Hero. Please contact them.

2. Accept the permissions

When you add Hero you will go through a series of screens where we show you the permissions that Hero will use to interact with your employees.

Accept and authorize the integration!

3. Check users

Hero will detect which users of your Slack or Teams account have also an account on Happyforce. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to review the ones we have detected.

4. All set!

As soon as it's installed, Hero will greet your employees to let them know he's arrived!.

PD: Don't worry if later employees are added or removed from Happyforce or to the Slack or Teams account: every 24h Hero will synchronize your users with the employees.

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