Beside the usual push notifications that Happyforce send to the mobile devices of employees that are send when a new question or announcement is published, Happyforce sends automatically emails to the employees that have not participated for a while (one month) in order to encourage them to come back to Happyforce.

Those emails are send as well to employees who have not yet activated their account.

The emails are the following:

  • When there is a new question, we send an email so that recipients can vote directly from the mail through the vote by mail mechanism.

  • When there is a new announcement, we send an email with the title of the announcement, encouraging the recipients to re-enter the platform or activate their account.

  • On the first Monday of each month, we send an email with the most relevant comments registered on the platform with a relaxed tone. Here is an example:

each of these emails are translated to the languages that Happyforce supports.

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