The first time you go to Happyforce you will get a message from your company, welcoming you to the platform. After that, you're ready to start participating. 


Choose the icon that best describes your mood that day:

Then, you have the choice to write a comment about how are you feeling or any other subject you want to share.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Comments can be positive or negative
  • Make sure to always make constructive comments
  • Your feedback is visible to all your peers
  • Offer details and information so everyone is able to understand what you want to share

For example: 

This comment offers a short yet clear explanation, and it's better than just saying “we had a meeting today.” 

Once you vote, you can also read and rate your peers comments based on what you think about their feedback. The more reactions a comment gets, the more relevant it becomes for management. 

  • You can use the "Agree" button:
  • Or the "Disagree" button:
  • And in some cases, you can also mark a comment  as "Inappropiate" if it contains offensive language, or if it's disrespectful to a person or group of people in the organization:

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