How can I cancel the service?

You may cancel the service whenever you want by sending an email to All you should keep in mind is that we will not refund the money paid. 

We also remind you that you can export from the control panel an Excel with all the data that we have collected in the time that Happyforce has been active for your use.

How can I change the payment method (monthly / yearly)?

You can change the payment method at any time, you just have to notify and we will make an annex in the contract indicating the change.

If you wish to change from the annual to the monthly mode before finalizing the annual license, you must take into account that we will not refund the money.

What happens if I want to add more employees to the annual license?

You can add more employees at any time. When you do, we will bill for these new employees only the proportional part until the end of the license period.

For example, if you have invited 100 employees with the annual license and after six months you want to invite 200 more employees, we will bill for 200 extra employees for the remaining six months. Once the annual license you initiated is finished, the renewal will be done by 300 employees.

What happens if I want to remove employees?

You can remove employees at any time and we will take into account the new number of employees for the next billing cycle. Remember that we will not return the money already invoiced.

Where do I go if I have doubts or need help?

All information about the configuration and use of Happyforce is collected at  and we are always available at

Can you help me launch it?

We will guide you step by step with the initial configuration to adjust it to the needs of your organization. We also have material and templates that you can use to communicate the launch to users and help them install the app on their mobiles.

We can also do tailor-made training with your managers so they know how to get the most out of the daily feedback they are going to collect.

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