The dashboard is the place where you keep track of all the feedback sent by your employees. Here's a short description of the different sections and how to use them: 

In the left side menu, you will find different options that will allow you to either listen or get in touch with employees. 

  • Overview
  • Comments
  • Questions
  • Announcements
  • Settings


This is the section you will see by default after you log in, and it offers you a quick glance at the following info:

Activation: Number of employees that have entered their code and are already active in the app
Participation: Percentage of employees that have voted during a specific period of time
Participation Chart: We show you the number of employees participating each day (blue bars) and the variations of your Happiness Index (red line)
Happiness Index: our own metric, based on employee participation and the emoticons they choose when they vote during a specific period of time
Distribution of votes by mood
Last ten comments shared by employees 

You also have the option to use the menu located on the top of the dashboard, where you can filter the information:  

Date: A useful calendar where you can choose specific days to view
Area: Allows you to filter data according to the different departments established in your settings section
Profile: You can select data based on your profile questions in case you have them, like gender, amount of time the employee has worked for the company, etc. 

All this info lets you see a detailed picture of how the organization is doing in a fast way, every day 😀


In this section you can compare data from different departments and get details from the comments shared by your employees, in the whole company and by areas.

Once you go to the comments section you can filter employees' feedback through different ways. For example, you can see comments from a specific time period by using the calendar box on the top section of the screen. 

Another interesting action is to organize your comments by popularity, this way you can see feedback ordered by the number of agrees, disagrees and interactions. 

Once you have a clear idea of what's happening in your company, you're ready to share some thoughts and answers with your employees and keep the conversation going. Here's what you can use to do this:


This section lets you: 

  • Send questions to everyone in your organization or just to the areas or groups you choose
  • Get more input on a specific subject that is getting visible in the comments. For example, if uniforms are a hot topic that employees are talking about, you can detect this right away and send a related question to find out more information.
  • Send a work environment survey in different moments of the year, without having to hire an expensive third-party to do this. We believe this a quite useful possibility, as it allows you to 'break' the traditional survey in shorter, simpler blocks of questions that you can send every one or two weeks, enabling a constant thread of feedback coming from employees
  • Know your employees' opinions about events, workshops or relevant things happening around the organization 


Just like the Questions section, Announcements can be your 'voice' to stay in touch with employees, making it easier for you to launch messages to everyone in the organization or just the groups and areas you define 📣

Announcements are the perfect channel to: 

  • Send company feedback regarding a topic that is being discussed by employees in the comments section
  • Share short corporate announcements containing relevant info
  • Publish newsletters, shift schedules, internal job offers, etc
  • Inform about events, workshops and other activities that are interesting for people around the organization 

Since this is a key section to let people know what's your company's take on their feedback, it's very important that you manage their expectations clearly. Try to establish and communicate a reasonable time frame to publish answers, so they know what to expect and when without feeling they're not being listened to. 

We also encourage you to publish an announcement at least once a month. Make sure people know you're listening. This will make them feel valued and will increase the quality of their feedback.  

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