The standard way to use Happyforce includes giving employees the option to write a comment right before they vote, allowing them to offer more detail about how they feel or explain if there is something happening in the company that's affecting them. 

This means the comments section is an open and transparent space where you will find different kinds of inputs: opinions, constructive feedback, complaints, gratitude messages, acknowledgments... In other words, this is where people will give you the best clues to take a real pulse of your company. 😀

Since each organization is unique, we offer you a set of various options so you can define how people share their comments. Here's where you can choose from: 

Comment before voting: 

This is our standard mode, in which employees write their comment before they vote, and without reading any previous feedback from their peers. 

The main advantage of setting this mode is that people share a fresh point of view and give their opinions about what they consider important without being influenced by their colleagues. Thanks to this, feedback tends to be more diverse and creative💡.

Comment after voting: 

When you activate this mode, employees will vote first and then they will see this text box where they can write down their comment: 

The main advantages of this mode are:

  • Employees will know what their peers are talking about and most probably will focus their comments on these subjects
  • You'll get less variety of subjects but more quality around them since feedback will concentrate on specific topics 
  • You can identify conversation threads with useful information 

Bonus option 💬  Answer to comments: 

Besides the two modes we already mentioned, you can  also boost your comments by allowing people in your organization to 'reply' to specific feedback. 

This is how it works:

  • Employees can only answer to a colleague's comment one time, so there is no chance of creating heated debates
  • They can only use this option once a day 

When you activate this mode, people will see the following icon on their App, right beside every comment shown on their timeline: 

Some of the perks of enabling this option are:

  • Employees leave specific feedback in the exact place where the topic is being discussed, outside of the main timeline
  • Companies have a clearer map to find information without having to explore a large number of answers. This means they have better visibility and also improved capacity to respond to urgent topics. 
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